Big D Industries Metered Concentrated Room Deodorant - BGD463

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Product Overview

Eliminate odors instead of just masking them, with a concentrated deodorant and odor neutralizer. A uniform actuator valve allows this can to be used in most metered aerosol dispensers. A long lasting fresh scent ensures a pleasant environment. CONCENTRATED ROOM DEODORANT for Metered Aerosol Dispensers is a true BIG D®
odor counteractant specially formulated for industrial and institutional needs. The formula contains no 1-1-1 Trichloroethane or fluorocarbons. BIG D®
offers an assortment of pleasant fragrances containing our special deodorizers that neutralize odors rather than mask them. The uniform actuator valve enables the aerosol canister to be used in BIG D®
METERED AEROSOL DISPENSERS. Each 7 oz. can contains approximately 3,400 sprays and effectively deodorizes a 6,000 cu. ft. area. Scent: Mountain Air
Physical Form: Aerosol
Application: General Purpose
Capacity (Volume): 7 oz.
Unit of Measure : Carton of 12


(No reviews yet) Write a Review