Ats-tex Active Balance Disc, 13" Diameter, Midnight Black

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Product Overview

The AFS-TEX Active Balance Disc is the ideal ergonomic accessory to significantly reduce the negative effects of sedentary working. Stimulates gentle and controlled movement to promote strengthening of the body core. Use while seated enhancing the inward curve of the lower back and encouraging the user to sit more upright. Improved sitting posture reduces strain on the body's joints and ligaments. Targets the abdominal core muscles, cardiovascular system, legs, glutes, and improves balance. Active sitting using an AFS-TEX balance disc can also help improve focus and concentration. Alternative sitting surface options allow choice between the raised massage surface for increased stimulation or the smooth surface. Supplied ready inflated to the optimum level for maximum effectiveness. Anti-microbial ingredient protects product from microbial deterioration. 440 lbs weight capacity. Height: 3"; Diameter: 13"; Color(s): Midnight Black; Material(s): Vinyl.
Package Includes: 6" Pump; Adapter

Note: This is a non-returnable item.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review